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Brand Name   New   Before
Carlsberg 嘉士伯   That calls for a Carlsberg   Probably the best lager in the World
Bridgestone   Your Journey,Our Passion   Passion for Excellence
Microsoft 微软   Be What’s Next   Your potential, Our Passion
Sony   Make·believe   -
Apple 苹果   There’s an app for that(iOS&App Store)   Think different
伊利 Yili   滋养生命活力  
Pizzahut 必胜客   Pizza and more   开心时刻必胜客
KFC 肯德基   生活如此多娇   有了肯德基,生活好滋味
李宁 Lining   Make the change   一切皆有可能
McDonald’s 麦当劳   i’mlovin’it   You deserve a break today
IKEA 宜家   我的家,我要的生活   家,世界上最重要的地方
Kappa   We Are One   -
Volkswagen 大众汽车   Das Auto.   Drivers wanted.
Canon 佳能   Delighting You Always   See what we mean
Cisco 思科   Welcome to the Human Network.   Empowering the Internet Generation
Acura   Ahead(尚前)   The True Definition of Luxury. Yours.
BMW 宝马   The ultimate driving machine   -
Burger King 汉堡王   Have it your way   -
Gillette 吉利   The best a man can get   -
Intel 英特尔   Leap ahead   Intel inside
IBM   Smarter Planet   Solutions for a small planet
Jaguar 捷豹   Don’t dream it. Drive it!   -
Johnny Walker   Keep Wailking   -
UPS   We love logistics   Moving at the speed of business
Visa   Go with Visa   It’s everywhere you want to be
Nike 耐克   Just do it   -
Johnson &Johnson 强生   因爱而生(中文)   -
Bausch & Lomb 博士伦   -   看见更有远见
Philips 飞利浦   Sense and simplicity   -
Siemens 西门子   -   THIS IS HOW(知其道 用其妙)
AT&T   Rethink Possible   Your World. Delivered.
UPS   We Love Logistics   -
Panasonic 松下   ideas for life   -
Toshiba 东芝   leading innovation   -
GE 通用电器   Imagination at work   -




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